Friends of Hopehill Fall Update

If I gave you 4 hours, would you give me 4 minutes? Sounds like a good trade if you ask me.

This year, due to COVID-19’s lingering realities, Hopehill will not be hosting a fall gala evening event. Some of you are saying of course not, and you are right. Safety and wisdom say to wait for another year. Let’s look on the bright side, I just gave you back 4 hours of your life! Could I get 4 minutes in return?

One of the functions of our annual gala is to share stories from the life of Beulah and let people know of some of the good things and the God things happening in our midst. It’s intended to be a feel-good evening with a great meal, good friends around tables, and quite often a door prize or two. Not having an evening means that we’ll miss two out of the three elements. Read to the end for piece number three.

So, in the absence of an evening, please view our Fall Friends of Hopehill Update video above. It will give you a 4-minute tribute to some of what we have seen in 2021. It’s been a full year and one that is certainly worth celebrating.