Making Time for Mom this Mother’s Day

Some of the best gifts that we can give and receive are intangible moments spent with loved ones. For Mother’s Day this year, we invite you to make time to spend special moments with mom. Engaging in outdoor activities with your loved ones is a great way to help seniors stay active while also creating fulfillment. To help get you started, here are outdoor activities for seniors that can be enjoyed together this Mother’s Day.  

Take a Day Trip 

Sometimes you just want a change of scenery. With the arrival of beautiful weather, it’s even better to spend these sunny days outdoors. Taking a day trip can be as far as an hour or two away, or close as down the street. What matters is its heading to a new location in order to see, experience, or do something different than the everyday routine.  

Also, sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination. It’s nice to just take a drive and enjoy the scenery out the window along the way. Car rides can be enjoyed in a comfortable silence or with background music, which can alleviate the pressure of feeling like you have to fill each silent moment with words. Sometimes there aren’t any more words to say, and the comfortable silence is pleasant for everyone.  

Grab an Ice Cream Cone 

Sunny weather is even better when enjoyed with an ice cream cone! Making the effort to get an ice cream cone, find a bench, and sit next to each other while enjoying this frozen treat will help you create a sweet memory of your own.  

Observe Nature 

Getting outdoors and observing nature is so much more fulfilling than sitting inside and watching TV! Whether you’re sitting on a bench at a park or beach, or birdwatching in a designated wildlife area, spending time observing nature is a wonderfully fulfilling and relaxing activity.  

Attend an Outdoor Event 

With the arrival of nicer weather, local venues start to offer outdoor activities like live music and outdoor movies on a regular basis. These are great opportunities to grab a comfortable lawn chair, sit outside, and enjoy the entertainment together.  

Quality Time with Mom this Mother’s Day 

Hopehill CEO Jamey McDonald has experienced firsthand how engaging in outdoor activities with moms and mothers-in-law is a great way to spend time together. These activities provided an outlet for him to enjoy time with his mother-in-law without putting additional pressure on how to sustain extended conversations. We hope this list of activity ideas for mom further helps you create special memories this Mother’s Day.