The Benefits of Community Living in Retirement

As we enter our golden years, the importance of a supportive and vibrant community becomes increasingly evident. Community living in retirement offers seniors a chance to enjoy life to the […]

A Full-Circle Story at Hopehill

At Hopehill, every resident’s story is another brushstroke in the ever-growing mural of our community’s history. This month, we’re honoured to share a particularly heartwarming tale to remind us that […]

Building the Future

Today, we’re thrilled to share the latest on the Rupert Building construction as we hit the 15 percent completion mark. This is our second dispatch since construction started, and we’re […]

Benefits of Volunteering in Retirement

After making the decision to retire, some seniors choose to find their sense of purpose through volunteering. Seniors are an important part of the volunteer pool in Canada. Whether volunteering […]

Hopehill’s Climate-Smart Journey

In a world grappling with the pressing need for sustainable solutions, stories of individuals and organizations taking bold steps to combat climate change offer a glimmer of hope. A recent […]

Addressing Food Insecurity with Seniors

Raised Garden Beds at Hopehill

Currently, more than 7 million Canadians, including many seniors, grapple with the urgent issue of food insecurity every day. This staggering statistic highlights the pressing need for action and support to address this critical problem.

2023 Goals

2023 Goals

Did you know? Only 9% of people who set New Years resolutions feel successful by the end of the year. Based on a recent survey, the most common New Year’s resolutions […]