Lighter Living at Hopehill

This past year, Hopehill has been taking an active look at our environmental impact with the goal to be good stewards of our resources as well as make a positive impact in the lives of future generations. We call it “Lighter Living”.

Recently, our team sat down to brainstorm ideas about how Hopehill can Live Lighter and become a “climate-smart” organization. We came up with a number of actionable steps that Hopehill will be rolling out over the coming months.

Becoming Climate Smart: To help us baseline our current climate footprint, the Hopehill team has started using an emissions measurement and tracking tool called Climate Smart from leading environmental stewardship company, Radicle. Climate Smart allows us to track and pinpoint key areas for reducing emissions, helping us make smarter choices for the future. 

Leadership for Lighter Living: As a growing community, we recognize that there are hundreds of opportunities to make a positive change and that we are more likely to see that change by working together. As part of our Lighter Living initiative, we will be actively engaging with our residents and staff to: 

  • Have ongoing conversations about ways to reduce our organizational and individual environmental impacts.
  • Seek out and provide new ways to implement Lighter Living in all areas of our community.
  • Encourage feedback from staff and residents about our progress and how to continually improve.

Lighter Living Tips for Every Day

Want to take part in our Lighter Living initiative? Every little bit helps in reducing the impact of climate change. By making smarter choices, we can all do our part to help make a difference. Let’s take a look at some Lighter Living tips:

Save energy: One of the easiest ways to take part in Lighter Living is to save energy. You can do this by making simple changes like turning off lights when you leave a room, unplugging electronics when they’re not in use and wearing layers instead of cranking up the heat.

Reuse: Another step to Lighter Living is to take part in reusing items and sharing with neighbours. This means taking items that would otherwise go in the trash and giving them new life.  By sharing items, you are also actively making connections in your local community.

Reduce waste: Finally, an easy step toward Lighter Living is to reduce waste. This means avoiding single-use items like plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups. Bring your own reusable bags to the store, and invest in a reusable water bottle or thermos.