The Cedars remains COVID-19 free – and we are working hard to remain that way!

The Cedars Beulah Garden Homes

NOTE: For full information and updates on how BG Homes is responding to COVID-19 please click here.

The Cedars (and all other Assisted Living organizations) have received the following directives from the Assisted Living Registrar of BC.


  • Limit visitors to essential visitors only (restricted to only compassionate/end of life visits; ideally limiting to one visitor at a time per resident; and one visitor per resident, per day, where possible);
  • Limit resident outings from Assisted Living to essential outings only (such as medical appointments);
  • Temporarily suspend inter-facility transfers (both across Assisted Living Facilities and to Long Term Care), except in circumstances of intolerable risk, until further notice. This includes the requirement to ensure clients’ placement on the wait list for transfer is maintained during the suspension of transfers;
  • Temporarily suspend admissions to Assisted Living Facilities from community, except in circumstances of intolerable risk until further notice. This includes the requirement to ensure clients’ placement on the wait list for admission is maintained during the suspension of admissions.
  • Suspend our volunteer meal delivery program for the same reasons.

At the moment, our building is like a safe bubble. We continually assess our environment for anything that would introduce risks to bursting our bubble. One of the risks that we have identified is when a resident leaves the building. We are encouraging everyone to remain on campus except for “essential outings”. We appreciate your influence as family members in encouraging your loved ones to remain onsite. If you must connect with your family member on our campus, please ensure that you maintain a space of 2 meters (6 feet) between youDO NOT come on campus if you have been experiencing ANY illness symptoms. 

Our staff are very conscious that they are also a source of potential risk. We are talking daily about safe lifestyles for the COVID-19 pandemic. We are receiving up-to-date education each week.  We also screen everyone who enters the building – including staff and essential services.  We have changed many of our routines to err on the safe side, such as suspending our dining room services and opting for meal delivery services to individual suites.  

Also note that our nurses will be prioritizing calls that are urgent in nature.

We continue to see daily changes to policies from the Regional and the Provincial Health Authorities. Please continue to visit this webpage for updates. Your communication is important to us. We ask for your understanding when we are unable to respond in a timely manner to your emails. Emails can be sent to [email protected]

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home!

If you have questions about the measures we’re taking to protect our residents, please contact Jamey, our CEO, at (604) 255-7707 ext 106 or email him at [email protected]