Increasing Hopefulness Through Climate Action 

Lighter Living at Hopehill

Hopehill’s commitment to “Lighter Living” was recently recognized and featured in the VanCity enviroFund Report, showcasing the program’s positive influence on our community. With the support of VanCity’s  enviroFund grant, we facilitated workshops for both our dedicated staff and residents, centred around climate action and sustainable practices.

These workshops served as a platform to educate and engage participants in meaningful discussions about environmental conservation. By exploring climate action strategies and sustainable approaches, we empowered our staff and residents to make informed choices that contribute to a greener future. The workshops also provided valuable insights, practical knowledge, and actionable steps that inspire and equip individuals to embrace sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

Outcomes of the program thus far have included: 

  • A 30% increase in how concerned residents were about environmental issues
  • A 24% increase in how residents felt their personal lifestyle could impact climate action
  • Residents were twice as likely to reuse products 

We are grateful for the VanCity enviroFund’s recognition and support, as it has enabled us to create a culture of environmental consciousness at Hopehill. Through our collective efforts, we are making a tangible difference in reducing our ecological footprint and fostering a more sustainable community.