2023 Goals

2023 Goals

Did you know? Only 9% of people who set New Years resolutions feel successful by the end of the year.

Based on a recent survey, the most common New Year’s resolutions among Canadians are to exercise more (51%), eat healthier (48%), lose weight (42%), reduce stress (35%), and get more sleep (29%). 

What are your goals for 2023?

Maybe you’ve already been asking yourself what your goals are for 2023, or maybe you’ve been too busy to consider it. Either way, now is a great time to pause and think about what your top priorities are for the new year. From achieving a new fitness goal, finding an exciting volunteer opportunity, or learning a new skill, there are so many goals to choose from.

What are your mom or dad’s top 3 priorities for 2023?

Setting goals with every new year is an important part of helping your parents live meaningfully throughout their retirement. This is a great opportunity for you to ask them an open-ended question about what they want to focus on in 2023 and then to actively listen and consider their ideas. Whether their priorities are centred around health, hobbies, or travel, they have goals in their hearts and minds that they would love to share with you. Their answers might even surprise you.

How can you take part in helping your parents achieve their goals?

To help you support your parents in achieving their 2023 goals, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Can their goal be achieved safely? Perhaps your parents want to find a volunteer opportunity that aligns with their interests and provides a renewed sense of purpose. Consider what activities they can safely engage in when searching for organizations to volunteer with.  
  • How can you support them in achieving their goal? If their goal is to take a particular fitness class every week, is this something you can provide transportation for? If they want to try a new hobby, can you help them choose the right materials to get them started? Asking follow- up questions about the support they would require to achieve their goal is an important part of their success.
  • Are there other people and organizations your parents can rely on to help them achieve their goals? This can include support groups, other family members, organizations that provide transportation, and clubs centred around certain activities and hobbies.With some active listening, open conversations, and careful planning, 2023 can be a successful year of achieving goals for both you and your parents.