Building the Future

Today, we’re thrilled to share the latest on the Rupert Building construction as we hit the 15 percent completion mark. This is our second dispatch since construction started, and we’re buzzing with excitement.

Imagine 1.9 million pounds of concrete—this immense quantity now underpins the new Rupert Building, laying a solid bedrock for Hopehill’s future. It’s a milestone that deserves a moment of appreciation because, let’s face it, the strength of a building lies in its foundations.

As we chart our progress, it’s heartening to see the pieces fall into place, on time and within budget. Looking ahead, it is our hope that by February 2025, our doors will open to welcome sixty-four new residents into our well-designed, purpose-built homes for low-income seniors.

The road ahead is still dotted with opportunities to contribute. Every helping hand, every contribution, big or small, propels us onward. We extend our most heartfelt thanks to those who’ve joined us on this journey so far, and we gladly welcome any further assistance going forward to make this a successful venture. Your generosity is the cornerstone of our new Rupert Building.